Monday, February 11, 2008

you are all in my imagination

my good friend becky (known in these parts for donning the shoes i dissed in an earlier post) was just published in a book of 6 word memoirs. authors are famous (steven colbert, joan rivers, dave eggers) and authors are obscure, including my buddy becky.

what was her memoir, you ask? read the title of this post.

brilliant. nice work!


becky said...

hey! thanks for the shout out s-dub. you are rad.

jewlee said...

Congrats Becky!!...I'd say you are both rad.

jini said...

i say you all three are rad! is this an italian pic??
congratulations becky...i expect this will be the first of many publications!

sarah said...

yes, this is an italy pic. i love it because becky is looking at me (you can barely see me in the photo) like i'm crazy. like i'm laughable. like she can't believe what i just said.

like pretty much always :)

Ivan Chew said...

Having authors as friends are also cool. I think they spread their coolness factor around. Oh, very very nice book cover. I'll let my colleagues back in Singapore know about the book. See if it's suitable for acquisition. :)