Sunday, February 10, 2008

this is a shot of the mags on the floor by my bed. i smiled when i noticed their unintentional artful arrangement, fanned like a coffee table display. even better is the array of genres: bitch magazine, martha stewart's living, and philanthropy in the 21st century. hmmm what does that say about me? love it when my surroundings speak to me.


Jay said...

You have a very adult-looking pile of magazines there. :-)

sarah said...

dude. are you insinuating i'm an adult? what mags are sitting near your bed? or coffee table... or desk... :)

i suppose the philanthropy one plus the martha is a bit much. the bitch is extra special because they covered a LIBRARIAN from sf who happens to be a close friend of mine. (!)

i'm still a nerd, aren't i.