Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ode to a backpack

after analyzing something i told my brother, i realized that maybe the reason my back and neck hurt was due to my backpack.

it was time to start researching. there's lots of packs out there, and i had criteria that reduced the list from the start:
1. can't be sporty
2. needs to be slim, not huge
3. needs to fit my narrow shoulders
4. needs to have a compartment for a laptop

so i looked at rei--everything was huge and sporty yuck. and then looked online and then at sports basement, my new bff. what a great place! i bought this handsome timbuk2 (made in sf) and after just my first walk to work with the pack, i was sold. pain has subsided and comfort has increased. i can now walk to work each day, even when i bring my computer home. hooray!


Michelle said...

the quest for backpack is a mighty quest indeed. I do not have narrow shoulders, but I too searched for something that wouldn't be too sporty, and that could take a laptop. all around me, Danish women commute and ride bikes with attractive, but to me, crippling, bags and footwear. they have krumplers here, and they are appealingly colorful, but in and of themselves, weigh a ton. Now, fashion has pretty much gone out the window because I keep resorting to my dumb rei backpack and trainers to accommodate my walking lifestyle. Pretty soon we'll be getting northface jackets as work swag, and any inroads towards professional fashion I might have made will be out the window. But my point is, I really admire your new backpack.

sarah said...

mmm... yes, i too looked at crumplers, and they just didn't quite do it for me. i was appalled by the selection at rei. as someone who shunned the fleece nation even before i knew i was leaving the pac nw, i just can't sign up again.

i'm with you on the shoe conundrum. my backpack also doubles as a shoe carrier--i wear merrills for walking, and always take 'em off when i arrive. on those days that i wear boots or have my laptop in the bag, or don't feel like carrying the weight, i ride the bus to work.

now i'm entering into a new topic... my new era of feminine shoes. perhaps i should blog about that :)