Sunday, February 03, 2008

just say it: hideous

there have been a couple times when i thought someone was playing a joke on me. times when i felt that art was construed just to see if the audience, or onlookers were naive enough to go for it, to pay for it, and to enjoy it. both times i felt that group behavior was at work, and that individuals lost their ability to think critically, to craft an opinion. i felt this way once at particular avant-garde jazz show, where i was certain the players were laughing uncontrollably after the curtain swung shut. (i admit i've been to many out jazz shows, and only one left me feeling this way.) i've also felt that way about fashion, about a certain type of shoes that are worn by kids, teens, adults, and grandparents. they're horridly ugly, and i'm certain that the person or persons behind the design are giggling their way to the bank.

back up: when my great auntie lee was quite ill and suffering from swollen feet, she had difficulty finding shoes that fit and were light enough for her to get around okay. someone--with love in her heart--gave her a pair of the aforementioned shoes, and auntie lee, appalled, refused to wear them. it's true, they met the qualifications she desired, except for one, very important characteristic: they were super ugly. i love it that even in auntie lee's last months she maintained her classy fashion sense, eschewing a pair of shoes that may have been practical, yet were clearly undignified. i admire her a whole lot.


ig said...

nice story, Sarah.

It made me remember how years ago, on The Evergreen College Campus promoters were handing out a NIKE survey asking students to describe the kind of shoe they wanted NIKE to make. They paid $10 if you filled it out. Wanting the money and also to culturejam NIKE, I filled one out, trying to think of the most ridiculous suggestion. I described a tennis shoe with high heels. About ten years later, I saw one in a shoe store. Rationally, I know this wasn't my fault but I always had a pang of guilt about this hideousness.

jini said...

yup, auntie lee was pretty amazing in her zeal to remain fashion conscious to the end. the clothes she chose for her last move were her best and the favorites. she took her cutest shoes and her most decorative sweaters.....stylish to the max.

becky said...

listen. i know what you mean. and there is a part of me that agrees - maybe they are ugly. but let me tell you, there is something so transcendently comfortable about these shoes that I DONT CARE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. that's right. just try wearing them to the beach. or around the house, when you could care less what you look like. i have 2 pairs. that's right. 2. not ashamed. i know i look good.

sarah said...

hehe. i wondered who of my friends i'd diss with this post. sorry about that, bee dub.

any read on what the french think of your chaussures?

sarah said...

hi ig!

oh, i think you should take some credit for the high heels AND i think you shouldn't feel bad about it!

stupid nike :)