Thursday, October 12, 2006

city livin'

dad and i recently chatted about what it's like to live in sf. we talked mostly about what happens when you choose against ascribing to a car, mall, and big box store culture. true, we own a car, but we use it only to leave town on day trips. this means our main modes of transportation are limited to walking, biking, or bussing. while this lifestyle is truly pleasurable, we've found a few hitches in the plan. for one, buying things i'd normally find at target are scattered amongst specialty stores. for example, finding a bath mat became sort of a silly challenge. the local hardware store is our backup for most, "i dunno, where do we get it?" conundrums, but this one didn't stock 'em. i'm sure we could have searched the web for another nearby-ish store, but we mostly rely on the spots our world takes us, and the bath mat just didn't appear. (in the end, we cheated and bought one at a store in san luis obispo. we were wandering the streets and decided that since we had the car, we might as well get a $&*@#! bath mat.) another new feature of our urban livin' is the laundromat. dad wondered if i had a cart as a laundry mover--you see lots of those around here--but no, as a former seattleite, i have gear: i stuff my day pack until it's about ready to burst, and off i go! this is me a couple hours ago gettin' all domestic:

and for those of you who read my earlier post about the laundromat, today was a banner day! a cute gay couple with a shiny red-racer cart not only smiled at me, but bid me farewell as they left the building. awwww.

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Lynne Faulk said...

Hey, like the skirt. I can tell you needed to do laundry!