Thursday, October 05, 2006

thursday observations

laundromat social rules
the performance of menial tasks begets a focus and a seriousness that belies all courteous behavior. that is, people ignore people. each who entered the laundromat dodged my attempts at eye contact, or continued as if i were not present. i found myself smiling to turned shoulders and expressionless backsides again and again. the sport-o, the gypsy, the new mom--no one made contact with anyone! is it fear? social mores of the laundromat? extreme focus on the task at hand? what gives?

oakland cafe
who was she smirking at, the immaculate and coiffed Lady as she stepped past the fire engine-haired-pigtail-wearing-rebel with tattoo-laden arms and a pierced nose? i made sure The Lady knew i was not a member of her crew.

temescal public library, oakland
how do they spend their days, these mothers who balance their young lovingly on their hips? they coo, cradling their cell phones, texting; then stare, bored, while their friends complete homework at the computers. are they really as young as i presume?

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Ryan Turner said...

something to understand, sarah-- other people have "dirty laundry"... and they don't want you to see it.. and they don't want to talk about it with you... but you're right, people are closed-off, they're nuts!