Friday, October 13, 2006

vlogger, inventor, artist, teacher, friend.

through the wonders of technology, i had the pleasure of participating in a talk by my buddy bre pettis last night. bre is one of those rare creatures whose limitless creativity is surpassed only by his generosity as a teacher and as a human. even though i don't get to hang out with him anymore, i follow his work on his i make things blog, through his contributions to make magazine, and this particular interview last night on reinventing television. last night bre talked about his passion for creating, inventing, and sharing his ideas to foster a dynamic community of talented, forward-thinking people. it was a joy to watch him shine from the comfort of my couch, and i was psyched to have the opportunity to ask him a question.

bre's work can be found on many urls--check out his blog at and be sure to look to the right sidebar to visit his other projects listed under Bre Pettis Projects. they're worth it!


jonny goldstein said...

Thanks for stoppin' by Sarah! I really enjoyed having Bre on and I loved having such an engaged studio audience.

We've got a fun Bay Area based videoblogging duo up next week, if ya feel like stopping by (can't guarantee Bre will be there though!).

bre said...

Hey Sarah,
I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit in SF, my life has been a little crazy.

Hope to see you soon!