Monday, September 07, 2009

that's what they call it


we resisted using that term until it became clear that that word best depicts our reality. our sweet 'lil daughter has a hard time with tummy and reflux issues which means that she registers complaints often and loudly. it's only in the recent past that her awake time was not fraught with howls. she's changing, and we hope she's feeling better.

and she's very sweet. she smiles, plays, coos, and is darn near almost giggling. this window into her world makes the other part a bit easier, but we're still having a difficult time--at times--and look forward to her internal systems maturing so she can live life a bit more comfortably. this is our world right now, and we're very lucky to have family staying with us. a third pair of loving hands is exactly what we all needed, and we're thrilled to share her sweetness with others.

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Karen said...

glad to see you posting and sharing a window on your world with others so we can support you! Love and hugs--K