Saturday, September 12, 2009

we're insane!

my friend ryan visited us the other night bearing food, the skills to make dinner, and wine that people our age don't buy (i.e. he nabbed it from his dad's cellar... we joked about how this illustrates his grown up status).

but beyond the love, care, and friendship he bestowed upon our new family, he also shared some knowledge fit for new parents: a study that proves the reality of sleep deprivation damages--not permanently--our brains to that of an insane person. the kicker: this happens in one night. one night! so yes, the fact that i struggle to remember mid-sentence what i was saying, or use words correctly, or just plain experience communication breakdown on a regular basis is because i'm insane. whew. nice to know there's science behind our madness. :)

there's also cuteness...

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Pattie said...

What a sweet smile! And I am so happy to see that she will smile during tummy time! From a therapists perspective that tummy time is sooooo very important for the development of upper extremity strength and coordination. I can't stress it enough!
And I was glad to read the insanity is temporary-can I still use this as an explanation now that she is 4?