Friday, September 04, 2009

soon, i hope

i haven't felt as though i've had time to blog the past 8 weeks, and this afternoon realized that perhaps even though time is at a premium, i can certainly try to carve out time to record a few thoughts a week, maybe even a day. it's worth a shot.

one thought i had is that motherhood doesn't allow time for reflection. i dreamed about being a mother, and today remembered an actual dream i had before becoming pregnant. i dreamed about breast feeding. so here i am, realizing this dream 10-12 times a day, and it wasn't until today that i reflected upon this memory.

the dream is not the same as reality--breast feeding my daughter is all arms/legs/grunts/screams/spit-up--but that's no matter. it's something i dreamt about, thought about, wanted, and here i am.

here i am.

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