Thursday, July 02, 2009

and the beat goes on...

this period in our lives is, well, many things. it's surreal. it's magical. it's difficult to define.

never in my life have i been on the brink of something so monumental without any real knowledge or understanding of what lies ahead. it's surreal.

we're in a liminal state, where we exist between what we know (the two of us) and what we expect (the three of us) and all the while, our emotional responses and my physical being are shifting, altering. it's magical.

in many ways, we're on high alert, trusting in natural processes that have linked women together for centuries, and benefiting from the love and support from our village.


Anonymous said...

swash, you are such a wonderful writer. I know Siena will someday appreciate how you captured the emotions and thoughts of this journey.


Anonymous said...

Hello, just checking!!!!!!!!! Love all around! Cara

Anonymous said...

Oh, Steve just told me it is Malia Obama's 11th birthday today. Perfect day to join the world...actually any day is perfect! Love, Cara and BOYS