Thursday, June 25, 2009

waiting & wondering

recently, david and i purchased the last bits of items from our list. we're now down to the nitty and the furry (need to find last-minute nene care--DONE!), and we're confident all will be crossed off soon.

meanwhile, david has been flexing his new-found nesting skillz in the yard and storage areas. the gardens will likely prove to offer a bumper crop that will keep our tummies full and minds sharp, what with all the good vitamins and minerals coursing through our veins. the storage area showcases his purging acumen in full glory; anyone who may have seen the state of affairs before his laser-beam focus honed in would certainly not recognize it now.

me? i don't feel the nesting urge so much, although we did make some serious headway in her room this week, and once we can figure out a few handyperson-type tasks (DONE!), the room will be adorable. it's already showing a tendency toward super-cuteness.


Amy said...

love the wallpaper.

sarah said...

it's actually fabric! that's the front of a cabinet we bought that has a glass front. i found the fabric at The Store we ooohed and ahhhed at... it took me 15 seconds (no joke) to decide on this one. it's magical.

Sandy said...

I'm sure the little whippersnapper is going to be mighty happy with her cozy nest as well as with her parents! She's won the luck of the draw.