Sunday, February 08, 2009

nene knows

nene knows something has been up for a while now. how, i'm not sure, but she's pretty crafty, and after being around me for over 14 years, it's not surprising she noticed--like i notice--something's a bit different.

as you can imagine, she acts differently, too. she tends to follow me a bit more, and shifts in her favorite blue chair when i alternate between cooking and now, blogging. she's facing me right now.

and the morning ritual has changed. in the past, nene could be coaxed to snuggle under the covers for just a bit, and always next to me, not on me. now, she shows up each morning, "purring like a maniac" (as david puts it) and crawls tenderly across me to find a soft spot on top of me. the maniacal purring continues as she snuggles in, so close to my face, that we spend minutes just staring at each other. david caught it this morning on film.

1 comment:

jini said...

nene loves her mommy. she wants her to remember that she is the FIRST child and will always be FIRST. :)