Friday, February 06, 2009

eating well during tough economic times

i started reading Nutritional Insights on Saving Money today, hoping it would cover how eating well, even when budgets are tight, is a good investment.

alas, the writer spoke of limiting what you eat, or tapping in to the guilt you feel afterward, or leaving the chicken bones on your plate during a meal to visually gauge the amount of food ingested.


i wanted to hear about behavioral changes, or more about this juicy nugget that kicked off the piece:

If you eat right, you’ll have more energy. That makes you more likely to succeed at work and earn more money. Then, you’ll be able to afford better food, stay healthy and spend less on medical costs. And the virtuous circle continues.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The reality — reflected in bulging waistlines and debt loads — is that Americans generally haven’t shown much discipline at McDonald’s, the mall or in the mortgage market.

i finished the article, disappointed. there were no stats on eating better, or eating well cheaply, or eating locally to stimulate the economy. instead, we're to record what we eat, like a budget. and try to do better next time.


Stephanie Gerding said...

It reminds me of when my Mom was having her house remodeled. She cooked a gourmet meal for the whole crew for lunch everyday. Around thanksgiving she even did a whole turkey. She laid out placemats on the outdoor table and it was so pretty, but so much work! I couldn't believe it. I told her that wasn't usually what people do, but she said, "But Stephanie, if I don't cook for them do you know what they do??? They go to McDonald's!" She went on to say that she figured it was a good investment b/c they would have more energy and be healthier so they would work faster and do better work. :) I love my Mom.

sarah said...

that's really sweet, stephanie. :)

jini said...

i recently read that although some restaurants were having to close, mcdonalds business was increasing. i imagine that would be along with waistlines.
stephanie's mom puts me to shame...i didn't serve ANY gourmet meals. i think i served pizza a couple of times, but that was it during our kitchen project. :(