Saturday, February 14, 2009


today began with david feeling the lil' whippersnapper for the very first time. my face hurt, i was smiling so hard and for so long as david murmured and commented on the oddity and strength of the movement. how marvelous to move this solo experience to a shared one.

last night, people i didn't know noticed i was in the family way. that was a first.

this past week i started going to prenatal yoga. i've had some biases i've kept fairly quiet about the culture of yoga on the west coast, but i checked them at the door and wandered in with an open mind. and it was lovely. so many different shapes and sizes and experiences filled the room. two women were at 41 weeks and shared some lessons--don't keep working until the last days, take time to relax, to contemplate, take naps--and both hoped they wouldn't be at the friday class. they weren't. the instructor started off the session with participant introductions that included the current week of each woman's gestation and, "how are you feeling?" when someone wasn't feeling tip-top, she'd offer suggestions on how to correct it. she's also a midwife. she nurtured and encouraged with humor and genuine care, and when i showed up a second time, she made a point of welcoming me back.


Pattie said...

namaste :)

jini said...

exactly pattie. :)
i've wondered if you would choose to participate in yoga. i have heard good things about using it during this prenatal time and i'm glad you are enjoying it. the instructor sounds sensitive and knowledgeable. the best!