Sunday, February 15, 2009

dive into music

i learned recently that the whippersnapper can hear and recognize voices and sounds. this fact blazed into sharp focus the other night when david returned from class, animated and excited to retell the night's events. i didn't realize it at first, but the lil' ws started an in-utero acrobatic dance when david spoke. remarkable.

so i've been thinking about music to play more often, and added eric satie to my list for its beauty, its creativity, its soothing lullaby-esque melodies, and the obvious: i love it, and i'm certain the ws knows that, too. we're listening to beirut right now, another favorite of ours. the old world quality, the inclination toward dramatic waltzes peppered with the essence of fellini films has a timelessness i love. it's the stuff that evokes fast-forward dreams of a family twirling around the living room, smiling.

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jini said...

flute music so he/she knows the mom's talent! :)