Wednesday, February 18, 2009

we had an envelope

it was sealed
inside were the contents
of a lifetime
we opened it


jini said...

woohoo. thanks for sharing the message. :)

Amy said...

yay! so excited to buy yarn for the whippersnapper.

pb said...

What a tease. Is there a hidden message somewhere?

sarah said...

hi pb,

everything is hidden.
let's talk soon.


Kim said...

Hello, lady,

Michelle (who knows all, always, even from 10,000 miles away) tipped me off several weeks ago, and I have tried to comment but Blogger kept kicking me out! Here's my next attempt at saying congratulations, and sending all my woooooooo!s and best wishes your way. I am thrilled for you all, I am! Please administer fond pats to the WS in your tum, and to miss Nene, who has no doubt forgotten me. And, heck, to David too. Fond pats, all around! Yay!

sarah said...

awwww, hi kim! so so so nice to hear from you. thanks so much for your well wishes. and nene thanks you too--she's happy someone has remembered HER in all of this. :)


pb said...

Now, I wouldn't say everything is hidden! There is a bit of visual evidence of a little one! pb