Sunday, January 25, 2009

many things are different

after periods of elation, of worry, of amazement, of disbelief, of hunger, of exhaustion, of distraction, of wonder, of more emotions than i can list, i'm experiencing stasis, balance.

i did, however, lose my balance momentarily--another sort of balance--just yesterday while standing still and moving my foot ever so slightly. turns out this is a normal response to a shifted center of gravity. but mentally, i'm feeling a bit more in control, which is nice. these days i think of new dwellings, of names, of love, of change, of growth, of history, of the marvel of life.


jini said...

i'm glad you are finding emotional balance even as you adjust to a new center of gravity. now you can just enjoy!

sarah said...

yeah, it feels pretty good right now. :)