Wednesday, January 07, 2009

what i did over winter break

i ate.
i slept.
i read.


my time was well spent, and i'm well refreshed because of it. seems like most of my co-workers felt the same, too. every person i polled responded with a dreamy expression, sharing that they did nothing, meaning no work, no hassles, no drama = nothing. this all made the work environs the first day back more chill than normal, which was pretty sweet.

in my opinion, it was all made possible because my work shuts down over the holidays. no one works--it's a forced holiday, so no one worries about what they need to accomplish or what they're missing. there's nothing to miss! we should shut down more often.


david silver said...

"we should shut down more often."

hear hear!

Irina G. said...

Thanks to the snow up here, everything shut down early. It was such a liberating feeling!

Ivan Chew said...

Was gonna post a rambling reply. But decided I'll go shut down now.

sarah said...

now i'm curious!

ramble, on, ivan. :)


jini said...

a bit of hibernation is good for the soul. could below zero temps be promoting this??