Friday, November 14, 2008

my first 24 hours

about 48 hours after our newly-anointed president was tapped, i went to an almost-blue state. that'd be north carolina. jesse helms territory. formerly libby dole turf.

but this isn't about my lovely blue state trip. it's about the 24 hours that followed. while in nc, many kind folks ooohed and ahhhed about the city and asked me what it was like to live in such a great spot. i shared some of the usual and some of the unexpected: like how small-town it feels at times because of its size and because many dwellers go by foot. these two characteristics make path crossings a surprising reality.

to prove my point, here's a tale of my first 24 hours.

my first morning i was exuberant. it was one of those glorious days both in mind and spirit, and i was taking full advantage by walking to work. i offered a good morning to each person i passed, sometimes receiving a quizzical response, yet always a positive one. i passed a woman at a bus stop with a cute hat and complimented her on it. she smiled and laughed. at a crosswalk i told a woman i loved her coat, and she did the most curious thing. she looked at me and said,

"thank you. it's the craziest thing that you said that to me, because i was thinking--just now--how i liked it, but i wanted to give it away, especially to someone who'd like it. do you want it?"

i was a bit taken aback. no one had ever propositioned clothes to me on a street corner. she continued, saying that she couldn't give it to me right now because she'd be too cold, but she works nearby and she'll give me her information so i can contact her. i decided quickly that it didn't matter if i liked the coat or if it didn't fit. there was something special about this connection and this woman and i planned to take her up on it. we introduced ourselves, i found out where she works, and she handed over her contact info.

i emailed her today. haven't heard back yet, but i'm sure i will.

and then that evening, david and i enjoyed tapas at a table by the street, and who should jump to the window to make a face, but our sweet friend greg. i leapt to the sidewalk, gave him a kiss, returned to our table, and thought: man, this is a great small town.


jini said...

a great post! i love the anonymity of a city, but find that you always always form your own small community no matter how big the surround.

Anonymous said...

What a delight to share my newly blue state with my dear blue friend! Love the pictures.
On another note-I loved the Red Tent. It was a great read with a group of women friends.
And yet another note-two kitties are going to new homes this afternoon (together). The last one will go to her new home the 1st of the month (I fully disclosed that this cat has only 8 lives left).

sarah said...

i've been wondering about those sweet lil' kitties--especially the injured crazy one. i imagine it will continue its rambunctious lifestyle and put the new owner through emotional turmoil. good for you to admit to the lost life :)