Monday, November 03, 2008

the day before

there's lots of anxiety and hope around work today. a workmate announced that she had no time or space to even consider a president mccain. it was nice to have such an optimist nearby.

while walking outside during pouring and blowing rain, i noticed a woman without any rain gear, and invited her inside my umbrella. she was a bit surprised, and i offered, "there's room for both of us, and i'm walking your way."

she immediately warmed to the idea, and as we walked side-by-side, she asked me if i had heard about obama's grandmother dying today. i said i had, and she said that she was thinking so much about today and tomorrow, and i looked her in the eye, and said,

"isn't it remarkable that we live in a place where we can discuss this topic openly?"

and she said, emphatically, "oh yes! yes."

and she was on her way.


jini said...

that's really nice sarah.....that you offered your umbrella and that you had that conversation. sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in such a remarkable country. it's easy to forget that we have freedoms that others can't even imagine! it's important to remember those things! we get to vote today!!

skabob said...

Good point about getting to vote, that's the important bit. I hope your namesake losing isn't depressing you too much.