Friday, August 22, 2008


i began using my comb again.

teeth are missing, but it pleases me that my college roommate delights in seeing how some things do not change.


Anonymous said...

Is this the turquoise comb? I am picturing pink tips?

"If it is not COMPLETELY broken, there is no need to replace it", Dan Beatty.

I smiled as I remembered your comb. I still have the eyelash curler you inspired me to purchase roughly 14 years ago. :)

sarah said...

indeed it is.

and thanks to dan's wise words, i will keep it until the last tooth breaks.

glad to hear you're still going out in public with curled lashes, p. i imagine it all started when we used to get dressed up for applebees, the nicest restaurant (we could afford) in town.

i'm happy to report that things have changed. :)