Saturday, August 23, 2008

mentioning memories

over a fancy late lunch at a stylish cafe in the city, i asked my parents, "what is your fondest memory of childhood?" my father thought a moment, and then shared that his best memories were of fashioning games to play by himself. he was the youngest of two, his older sister 6 years his senior, and likely none too interested in the comings and goings of her kid brother.

the question sparked memories of my own: giggling hysterically with my sister, weaving ridiculous stories, making up games, and repeating silly quotes that we exchange to this day. the moments i remember most clearly were daring my sister to do things that we both knew were trouble-inducing, like a pudding facial at the dinner table or pasting Teen Beat posters to our bedroom wall with chunky peanut butter. she'd accept my outlandish challenges partly out of a quest for fun and partly out of trust. our giggles would continue even as the approaching heavy steps signaled impending punishment.

i wonder which moments my sister recalls, and of those, which memories match mine. ahhh, the mind plays tricks.


jini said...

heavy steps approaching. :)

david silver said...

such an instigator.