Monday, May 12, 2008

top five new experiences

1. dance dance
i'm not a gamer, but when a buddy who works at cnet gave me a tour that ended at one of the employee lounges equipped with arcade games, and he invited me to play "dance dance revolution," i figured if librarians at the last few conferences i've attended can join in, so can i. after a few misunderstandings about the dance cues, past gym classes in the 80's where we learned the hustle really paid off!

2. civic duty
for the first time in my life, i was summoned to jury duty. i was very excited, and like most experiences in my life, i was well-prepared. i dressed nicely, i read the pamphlets, i emptied my mind of biases (ha!), and readied myself for days, maybe weeks, of deliberation. you can imagine my disappointment when i was the 2nd juror asked to leave. my bias? i work for a non-profit. in the minds of the plaintiff's lawyers, i'm a classic do-gooder.

3. mt. tam
david and i spent a magical afternoon at a mountaintop birthday party this weekend. our perch overlooked both bolinas and the city. it was glorious.

4. goat farm visit
took a trip to a sweet goat farm, where we watched the cheesemakers frolic and had an opportunity to benefit from their good eats and luxurious lifestyle. mmmm cheese!

5. highway one delight
enjoyed a roadtrip to big sur with a good friend visiting from seattle. as midwesterners often do, we took a weekend drive that led us to sights both remarkable and memorable.

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Ivan Chew said...

Mmm... I had the impression that you'd be trying to avoid it. But I guess I don't know you well enough. Shame on me :P