Wednesday, May 14, 2008

addendum: number 6

6. i bought a mac (!)
'been thinking about it for a while, and was ready to make the plunge when i read lee's post about making the switch.

don't get me wrong: i was ready. really ready. and after reading lee's exploits, i feel as though i have more reasons to get in touch with him than just to scheme (although i feel a sesh in the making...). now we can chat about how his trailblazer ways will help me get over the little annoyances with more clarity and elegance (read: alleviating the, "holy crap, how do i do this???" moments).

thanks in advance, lee :)


Some Bloke said...

Congrats on the Mac purchase!

I only use Windows when I have to - and when I do, I use it on my Mac.

skabob said...
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skabob said...

which Mac did you get? I was thinking about getting a plastic one.

I have been using Ubuntu as my laptop OS for over 6 months, I wouldn't use the windows except for work and some games.

I like that Mac is UNIX based now... makes it much more handy.

sarah said...

imac, black, totally sweet.