Wednesday, April 30, 2008

college roomie, political superstar

well, maybe just "superstar," for juggling a crazy mom and work schedule to get out yesterday and learn from a democratic candidate in a super-red state. rock on, pattie!

check out the full story.


david silver said...


Anonymous said...

I am still wondering why they chose me to be part of the backdrop. What is my category? NOT elderly, NOT young, NOT African American or Hispanic. Mid-30s mini-van driving, working, white mother? hmmm..........I haven't seen that category in the polls! Oh-maybe it is 'soccer mom'. Who knows, but I was glad to be there, be a face on Obama's blog AND SW's blog! What a day!

jini said...

way to go pattie! that is terrific and i'm so glad you were able to be there!