Monday, May 19, 2008

alert: ridiculous generalization

a friend of mine who is around 7 months pregnant (i say "around" because every time she says what week she's at, i say, "what's that in non-pregnant time?") and i were chatting at the water cooler today about women who admit to loving pregnancy. she's of the camp who is counting the days until this time of her life ceases, so we took the opportunity to make wild conjectures, and distill women-who-love into two categories:

1. women whose job requires they maintain a dangerous and under-nourished weight. 
models, actresses, and other non-essential workers use pregnancy as a time to catch up on eating, and luxuriate in the feeding frenzy. 
2. women who seek attention. 
according to some of my pregnant and recently-pregnant friends, the attention bestowed on the growing belly is an often tedious and unappealing byproduct of procreation. some women, however, relish this newfound attention and accept bus seats and personal questions.

i'm sure there are more ridiculous generalizations, but this is all we had time to craft during our brief work break...


michelle said...

I think there must also be a subset of people who just don't feel as bad when pregnant -- their ankles don't swell, they don't get heartburn, they hardly gain weight except in the midsection, they never grow short of breath. My cousin ran in 5 and 10 K races at 5, 6 months. That she could do that may be why she had so dang many babies.

sarah said...

man. running races? i remember watching a woman do step aerobics well in to the late stages, and i marveled at how she could keep her balance, what with all those gyrations and unnatural flippity-flopations :)