Thursday, May 22, 2008

me, not me.

david met my doppelganger yesterday. well, he didn't really meet her, but he thought he was married to her.

we made plans to meet each other after my hair cut appointment. david was to meet me at the salon, but since i was let out 30 minutes early, i plum forgot to hang around and wait for him. but he didn't. david showed up, saw someone in a chair who looked like me, and promptly took a seat. the kind people at the salon gave him a drink and encouraged him to wait for the woman who was not me. 

the next twenty minutes looked like this: david waved at the woman, and wondered why i didn't notice him through the mass of hair colorant and foil on my head that wasn't mine. he continually looked in her direction, awaiting some sort of acknowledgment, or courtesy extended his way. he wondered what could be so pressing about the hair service that she couldn't simply gesture, wave, say hi. 

it wasn't until she reached into a big purse and unearthed a plastic water bottle, that david learned the unthinkable: this woman he thought was me was definitely not me. david set his drink down, and skirted out the door. 

the shock hadn't yet subsided when we met a few minutes later at the restaurant. as he was weaving this bizarre story, i shared i knew precisely who he was talking about. she and i had been waiting next to each other on the sofa, and two separate people stopped to mention how much alike we looked, that we could be sisters, especially because we were dressed similarly. i told the woman i thought she had a cool hairdo, not knowing that soon, my husband would spend 20 minutes in a dreamland, believing she was me.


Ivan Chew said...

Hmm... Reminded me of the time my wife and I were in a department store. My wife was standing beside me. Suddenly there was some commotion near where we stood. I turned my head to look. Didn't know what happened but felt we had to move out of the way. I grabbed my wife's hand and pulled her to walk away. Felt resistance. Funny. Why didn't she want to move? Turned to look at her. Whoops!!! Wrong woman! Didn't even look anything like my wife.

I dropped her hand like it was on fire. Muttered a sorry. Got the heck out of the way. Bumped into my wife.

Apparently, my wife was literally one step ahead of me, and had moved away. Somehow, that other woman moved into her place. And I grabbed the wrong hand.

Michelle said...

This amused me.