Saturday, March 01, 2008

on shoes

my friend michelle's comment on my backpack post got me thinking about my other quests... my hunt for cute shoes that are comfortable.

as you may expect, i'm not a fan of sporty. now, i have some sporty sneaks, but i don't wear them all that often. my baseline? i have to be able to walk a mile in 'em without pain.

my clogs fit this description, although truth be told: they didn't fulfill the cute part. AND, because they were so dang comfy, i'd wear them everyday. what's the point in loving shoes if wear the same pair EVERY day?

2007 was the year of feminine shoes. i tossed the clogs (after the wood split) and focused on feminine, believing that i could even cross the line into heeldom.

and i did it. exhibit A:

but my problem is now i don't have any super comfy and cool shoes, 'cept my fluevogs and my motorcycle boots. the fluevogs are likely 6 years old. i keep them new-ish with shoe polish. they're amazingly tough.

i'm so close to buying another pair of clogs to fill this void in my shoe collection, but i'm reluctant, because there HAS to be a comfy pair out there, waiting for me. ideas?


Amy said...

I am wearing a very cute and comfortable pair of leopard print ballet flats. The key with ballet flats (I own 4 pairs) is an insole which you can get a the drug store for a few bucks. Keep the feet nicely cushioned and provide a bit of an arch. The other option is a kick ass pair of Pumas.

sarah said...

honey, only you can work the leopard print (and the rest of us are envious) :)

and i'll take you up on the insole... never woulda considered that as a way to comfy feet in not-so comfy shoes.

last night i borrowed a pair of sweet fluevogs from a buddy for this weekend. she also has a shoe issue, and admits to wearing only clogs, even though she has a raft of super cool shoes. ahhh, our problems run deep! :)