Friday, February 29, 2008

immune sys

wednesday afternoon my throat started hurting. i never get sore throats, and i was a bit worried. it didn't last, and by the next morning, i was fine. until around noon. i started to show signs of a cold that, as one co-worker put it, "you're getting sicker by the minute! go home."

this morning i was in bad shape, and by afternoon i was achy, feverish, and uncomfortable.

about a month ago, everyone around me was really sick--missing work for more than a week. until yesterday, i was the last person standing, a pillar of health! and since i started to feel crappy, everyone has given me the play-by-play: you'll have this symptom, it will go away, you'll think you're okay, and then you'll get hit. hard.

well, since about 5:00, i've been feeling pretty strong. i was well on my way to a second box of kleenex, and now i haven't nabbed one in hours.

i think i may have kicked this one. we'll see tomorrow...


jini said...

feel better soon! we want to see you hale, hearty and healthy next weekend. :)

sarah said...

i'm feeling great today! and i'm following david's advice of taking it easy, so i'm knitting on the sunny deck, making a creation for next weekend.

i'll be healthy, for sure :)