Monday, February 04, 2008


today i witnessed both good and bad karma. let's start first with the bad:

two kids leave cafe gratitude without paying.
dude. cafe gratitude is one of the most uncool spots to flaunt uncoolness. they ooze mellow vibes and inner harmony, and to sneak out without paying--especially when apparently one of the kids is a regular customer WHO COMES IN WITH HIS MOM--puts you dead last on the karma list.

letter of apology from northwest airlines.
today i received a "personalized" letter from nwa, apologizing for my recent delayed flight, and offering 1000 miles to make up for it. why thank you, kristen shovlin. i accept your apology.


becky said...

dood, that is totally uncool. that is just the kind of place to wreck your karma for years if you eff with them...

sarah said...

i KNOW! i thought of you, a true believer in cafe gratitude's gratitude.

that kid is screwed.