Saturday, February 23, 2008

i wanna be in a band. hmmm.

maybe i'm just still lovin' the afterglow of dig, but i'm feelin' the fevah. i love playing in front of people... at least when i'm feelin' it. started thinking about learning a new instrument. a new friend just started violin lessons a couple months back, and another friend talked of messing around with musician friends the other night, which got me thinking. hmmm. i may ask if i can join in. or maybe i'll learn guitar. hmmm.


jini said...

very interesting. i was thinking about your playing the other day and googled tony. try it, and there's an album that says it's sold out, but there are parts of tunes. check it was fun to hear, and i think that you'll enjoy reading about how well he is doing....liane too. :) how interesting to try a new instrument....keep me posted. love you

Ivan Chew said...

Or you could learn how to use GarageBand (it comes pre-installed on a Mac). Form your own one-person band! Next thing you know, you've released your own music album. :)