Sunday, February 24, 2008

more about that band thing

a few points of clarification:
1. the movie, dig, as an inspiration.
if you've seen it, likely you're confused. no, i'm not inspired by the drug-addled fist fights and the ego-crazed missives. the tunes and the crowd energy is what i dug. and dig.
2. rockumentaries
been watching a bunch of these of late, and loved the flaming lips entry into this category.

i've been in a rocker mode lately. that may be it. we'll see...


Pattie said...

Rock on Sarah!

jini said...

i'm relieved to hear there will be no drug addled fist fights. :)

jewlee said...

rock out yo!! I'll have to check out the flick...Dig

skabob said...

What's the point of being in the band if not the drug-addled fist fights??? Anyone can wear leather pants and put egg whites in their hair.

Karen said...

You should check out the documentary "Girls Rock" which is playing at SIFF soon. About a girls rock camp. It will remind you of band camp maybe :).

But, I would choose a different instrument than guitar. I've seen how big your hands are and I felt mine weren't big enough!

sarah said...


you are *so* right.

totally forgot why the guitar always seemed so hard to me, and you put your (larger-than-mine) finger right on it.

the hands! i forgot about the hands!