Monday, December 10, 2007

taking care

there's something about blue skies and the wide open ocean that offers solace and a hopeful perspective. i'm certain it has some relation to being raised in a land-locked state, and i'm certain that it really does mend my soul.

when i drove around the bend that offered the vast pacific in view, the familiar chills nabbed hold. when i wended up the rock face that defines the glorious highway one, i thought how auntie lee would've loved this view--or she would've loved hearing about it. she's only seen my hometown in pictures, and delighted in stories of the promised land that most midwesterners only visit.

nothing like a bright sunny day on a near-empty beach.

today i stared into shallow pools and watched an underwater world come to life. i also happened upon some very large harbor seals, and gained insight into their sunning and lumbering behaviors as they lurched toward the surf.


jini said...

you are right, she would have loved seeing the ocean with you. she would have loved being able to travel more, see more things and people. her exploration of distant places was mostly accomplished through postcards from friends and relatives and the many books she treasured. i'm glad you were able to find some comfort in visiting beautiful places yesterday.
love you

jini said...

a bit more.....that photo of lee and david is one of my faves. the contrast between david's vigor and lee's dependence is just striking. she so enjoyed meeting him.

david silver said...

and i so enjoyed meeting her. that was one special trip for all involved.

jini - you'd really like auntie lee's painting in our back room. it sits on the wall right about where sarah likes to read and knit - it's as if auntie lee is looking over sarah. it's a beautiful painting.