Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the country's torso

since when did we start using anatomical-ish terms to describe regions of the US? i just heard a news anchor say, "the nation's midsection." how 'bout the torso, or the abdomen?

and while i'm at it, when did people start calling the east coast "back east?" i'm pretty sure its origin is coastal--we didn't say it in the "flyover states"--but why "back?" what if i haven't been there before?


jini said...

i thought it was out east.

sarah said...

indeed, you would!

you're from the midsection, the flyover states, m'dear, so you don't qualify as "coastal."

jini said...

maybe the waist of the country instead of the midsection?

sarah said...

i like the waist. more to the point.