Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i don't think it's my space

a couple days ago i found a college roomie through a social networking site. no, not through facebook or myspace, but through the more eloquent, more grownup site: linkedin.

linkedin is the slower paced, more austere cousin of its over-hyped freakout raver siblings: facebook and myspace. it's true, i feel more at ease using linkedin, more able to opt out when i'm not feelin' it, and take advantage when it works for me. i didn't feel guilty or dirty using it to find mariah. i found out where she works and what her married name is through our alumni magazine, and i simply typed her name into the search box. since i'm a member, i could reach her, and give her my email address. there. done. i used linkedin as a surrogate; albeit not for the use case scenarios they likely revised and ruminated over, but still. i'm a happy customer. i'll come back.

i shared my reunion with the remaining roommate in our threesome, and when i openly mocked myspace, she admitted she has an account. she giggled while she recounted the reason behind her membership: it was the only way to get in touch with a famous person she and her husband met on vacation. and now? her 39-year old husband is berated with countless requests a day to be his "friend." her account will expire soon.

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Mariah said...

Hello, here I am again, chatting with you in yet another realm of cyberspace or whatever the hipsters are calling it these days. It is so wonderful to read your writing and think of the Sarah I knew a while back ... you really are a true west coaster as you said.

I found out there is a chance that I could be coming to San Francisco for a conference -- we could catch up!

Take care and keep writing,