Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i'm a reader

i remember one of david's college buddies, fresh in the flush of dating a new woman, describe his new mate as "a reader."

this label caught me off guard--doesn't everyone read?

apparently not. and this particular characteristic was a welcome and atypical development in his love life.

i digress. i'm a reader. i read all the time, and most of the time i read books that are heavy--not in the per pound way, but in the mental heft, the jugular, the depth, the gravity, the...

okay, now i really digress. (and i fib!)

and then i found lisa.
lutz, that is.
i first found her when her new web site was announced.
and then i met her when she toured the west coast.
a couple months later her book turned up on my hold list and i started reading it.
the next day i met her at a dinner party in seattle.
3 days later, i finished the book, and not without giggles, fits of "no way!" and deep sorrow (tinged with a tough, cynical edge) over leaving the fine spellman family behind.

read it. you'll laugh. and if you live in sf, you'll laugh harder.

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