Sunday, August 12, 2007

giants lived here

our pad was made for tall people. this isn't an issue for david, but for me...

the kitchen counter is too high.

the bathroom door is a few inches shy of my shoulders.

i can't see my face in the bathroom mirror.

the toilet paper is a reach!


RyanT said...

it's just come-uppance. David will confirm: Those of us in the 6'2"+ stratosphere have been bonking our heads on things since we were 13.


jini said...

representing and supporting the shorter version, i would recommend tall shoes and less hassle. :)

jewlee said...

Buy platforms for your house shoes yo

jini said...

Tall people may be taller, but they also get rained on first. :)
a quote from today's email.

Crispin Thurlow said...

I'm thinking a little step-ladder and a booster seat for the loo. ;-)