Thursday, April 19, 2007

rewarding work

i really like my job.

i respect the people with whom i work and i find the work stimulating and the results rewarding. yesterday those aspects were illustrated in a different fashion: in a fair celebrating and promoting the work we as employees do as volunteers. we were invited to ask representatives of our volunteer organizations to sit at tables and provide materials so that people could learn about the work they're doing, could potentially donate time and money, and could consider ways in which tech soup--my nonprofit employer--could help out.

it was inspiring to learn about the organizations, to see them all in one place and learning about each other, and to observe my coworkers engage with them.

it was great. the board president from my tutoring agency showed up, and was kind, informative, and pleased to be included in our event. i was proud to stand nearby and offer my thoughts and experiences. i was proud that my coworkers dreamed up such a thoughtful and relevant event.

what a nice way to break up my day.

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