Tuesday, April 24, 2007

change in commute

a couple weeks ago the muni system implemented new lines and changed some lines, which resulted in crappy lines and people standing in lines.

as one of the line standers who learned that allowing an entire hour for my commute still might not get me to work on time, i decided to try my feet at walking to work.

and i've been doing it ever since!

turns out it takes around 30-35 minutes to walk to work, and although it isn't a particularly stimulating walk in the visual department, it's not strenuous, and it's a nice to way to start and end the day. PLUS, my sedentary train ride took 45 minutes!

here's my walk, mapped.


greg z said...

Wow, Sarah. That's quite a walk! I wonder what other routes you could take? Also, Bike to Work day is coming up on May 17th. If you find yourself on a two-wheeler, I'll be volunteering at the Duboce bike-way in the PM.

sarah said...

mmmm... that's a good reason to find myself on a 2-wheeler!

as for other routes, i'm sure there's all sorts of pathways i could forge. this one seems to have a decent representation of moderately occupied. that area is so strange. my route also takes me past trader joes, which often means weighing my backpack with supplies and a bottle of wine. :)