Thursday, December 07, 2006

did thank you notes sunset?

i'm a big fan of thank you notes.
--> strike that.
i'm a big fan of hand-written notes.

i sent a thank you note the other day to a woman who had interviewed me, and during our next conversation, she thanked me for the note. her demeanor was tinged with a subtle sense of surprise, as if she had never received a thank you note from an interviewee.

did the art of thank you notes die? do people send e-mails instead? or have we lost the ability to offer gratitude with meaning, with staying power?


Michelle said...

The problem with the hand-written note, alas, is that all this typing has made my handwriting a liability. A person considering hiring me would think twice upon seeing my scrawl. Alas.

Michelle said...

Wait, did you catch that? I said, alas.

Anonymous said...

hi sara!!!! i like macaroni!!!!!