Wednesday, December 06, 2006

heavy ruminations

the second wave of the job search has appeared, which means i've begun the interview process. i've had 3 interviews recently, and for the most part, i've enjoyed the meetings and feel confident about what transpired. to decompress and assess the recent events, yesterday i took a Think Day, a day off from the regular routine and focused on unadulterated thinking. since i do my best work at the beach, i started driving south on highway one, where beaches were invented. :)

after performing a highly selective search (this one's too windy, this one's too crowded) i chose a lovely beach just outside of pescadero, where i found a secluded cliff outcropping, complete with unobscured ocean view and no chance of seeing another soul.

the blue blurb is my blanket on the cliff:

there i sat, listening to the surf and to the soundtrack in my head, reminding me that i actually live near this magical and beautiful place, and reminding me of the drive down highway one on my first trip to california at age 21, when i dreamed of some day moving west.

there i sat, watching bursts of birds searching for food, swooping down in mathematical formation. i followed waves as they started with a ripple and crested with a thunder. i just sat. and thought. and cleared my head.


david silver said...


Ryan said...

I know that exact beach. So many little secrets along that coast.

Next time you're adventuring, consider the hike up from the coast into Big Basin, to Berry Creek Falls. I think it's about 3 or 4 miles one way. It's especially great on a stormy day.

jini said...

just to be safe, take someone with you on that lovely hike. take some water, some snacks, sun screen and a jacket. a mother worries when you take off to the beach on your own. she loves you.

sarah said...

geez, ryan. you got my mom all nervous! no solo hiking trips for me, but i'll for sure bring along a 6'4 curly-haired boy for protection :)

thanks for the tip, rt.