Sunday, December 10, 2006

cooking day

today we woke up to rain, as expected. but then the sun peeked through, warming up the sidewalks and buffing the city to a glimmering fall day with no need for rain gear. after running errands in the castro, i returned home, famished, wanting to make a lunch outside of my normal culinary pattern. since the kitchen was stocked from a recent multi-store grocery run, i had options. upon peering inside the fridge, a vision of an open-faced mediterranean-ish sammy filled my head. i sauteed some tomatoes, garlic, and olives in olive oil and herbes de provence, layered the concoction on a slice of home-baked bread, with avocado, dill havarti, and fresh basil. after a few minutes melting on the stove, i had a delicious lunch in front of me.

and then the cooking bug hit. i decided to try a new bread recipe--oatmeal bread from james beard. here it is, rising:

the crowning glory of sunday cookery goes to david, who has planned quite a feast of lasagna complete with homemade sauce! here's a shot of the cook, paying close attention to his work in progress:

looking forward to the results of the day...




david silver said...


sarah said...

you know it.

Kintea said...

I can't wait to come visit so you can cook for me, David!!!

david silver said...

you state the date
and i'll make the meal.