Sunday, November 26, 2006

one memory surfaces over and over

david and i had a great time over the thanksgiving holiday. there were lots of stories worth sharing, yet one keeps crowding the others out.

we all make messes, but this one was impressive. the incident occured due to an unfortunate cutlery malfunction, resulting in sweet potatoes clinging to knuckles and foodstuffs catapulting into unnatural groupings.

after the incident, the instigator's bright eyes flashed across the table and met my smile. we giggled quietly, and he stealthily thrusted his tuber-soaked fist into his mouth. while i tried to stifle any yelps of affirmation, his neighbor noticed the food orphans encroaching her space. she looked at them, puzzled, and began picking up broccoli flowerets while wondering aloud where they came from. rather than admitting to being the catapulter, he said, "oh, you think those are yours?" and stabbed the food in feigned disgust, reclaiming it as his own.

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