Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snoopy is pretty sophisticated

he may be the first to toss barbs at his faithful owner, but he sure understands the complexities of life. from consumerism to acting prowess, this confident canine has his paws grasped around contemporary culture in all of its trials and triumphs.

his owner, on the other hand, is philosophical, self-reflective, and ultimately, tortured. charlie is the peanut gang's conscious, and his buddies aren't quite ready for him.

these are some of the lessons i learned when viewing A Charlie Brown Christmas with more mature eyes. it's curious to consider what i found funny or worthwhile about this program as a young child. i imagine the animation and spirited machinations of snoopy and others were enough to captivate me, and i'd like to think that some of the more enlightened themes weren't lost on me either.

another kind of enlightenment fell flat tonight, and as a kid i'm certain the christian climax failed to make an impact. david agreed, offering, "i think this is why my parents wouldn't let us watch this."

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