Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i just couldn't do it

today i asked two of the few people in my social circle if they could watch nene this weekend, and they accepted--heartily!

that means i cancelled the reservation i made at a local kennel, one of the few spots in this city that caters to cats. i visited the kennel last week, and was not impressed. i expected a large room where cats could roam and do their catty thang, but this was not the case. the cat room was a narrow hallway of cages where some cats were visibly freaked, and others seemed more chill with the environs (perhaps they were regulars). the staff was friendly and the clients i observed seemed happy with their experiences, but the environment was obviously tailor-made for dogs, not cats. being new in town, i didn't have any alternatives so i made a reservation.

and then today i started looking for ANYTHING that might be more appealing, and in the process found a few reviews of the aforementioned spot. yow--as i expected, cats return home frazzled and stressed due to being cooped up in a small spot, surrounded by other cats and spooked by dog sounds nearby. after reading the reviews i was convinced i couldn't go through with it, so i broke down and asked a favor of my new friends.

whew. i'm relieved, and nene will have a fine time curling up near their huge, sunny windows. now all i need to do is find a sitter for x-mas. anyone know someone who'll be around and amenable to watching sweet lil' nene?

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