Sunday, August 13, 2006

start over

i'm not a quitter.

today i decided to leave behind a book that simply wasn't doing it for me, and start a new one.

the era of finishing books at all costs began sometime in college. as a student of literature, books were meant to be finished, analyzed, and discussed on paper. (repeat until graduation)

a yellow raft in blue water marked the official cessation of this madness. i slapped that book down with confidence, and while reveling in the reverberation i announced, "no more!"

it was 1994. i had just learned a significant lesson.

now its 2006, and it took several days of, "well, maybe the book will get better... i'll forge ahead" until this morning, when i opened the heart is a lonely hunter and read:

In the town, there were two mutes, and they were always together.

i feel much better.


david silver said...

smart move sarah.

and remember nancy pearl's rule of 50:

If you still don't like a book after slogging through the first 50 pages, set it aside. If you're more than 50 years old, subtract your age from 100 and only grant it that many pages.

wise words nancy. smart move sarah.

Michelle said...

Ha ha. I used Yellow Raft on Blue Water for one of my comp exam texts. I never think about it anymore though. But I do think about Housekeeping, another one I wrote about. I hope you read that because I think I would have to fly to SF and sit next to you turning the pages and maybe allowing you a little food and drink until you finished it if you even thought about putting it down. But you can use the former as a door stop.