Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown

while surfing the net to find a sunday afternoon adventure, i learned of an annual street fair in japantown. hooray!

yet another neighborhood in walking distance. this 7x7 city sure makes everything seem darn close. we wandered to japantown--via our fave park, alamo square to see the orphaned shoe garden i read about--and found the street fair, complete with music, food, crafts, and information about community resources.

unfortunately, food vendors served mostly hot dogs and garlic fries. fortunately, there were japanese restaurants aplenty in every direction. i focused in on tampopo, a noodle house with the same name as a favorite flick.

RAMEN! bowls full of noodles, meat, and tasty broth that don't have a THING on pho. i'm now determined to find the best noodle spots in town.


david silver said...

those were great noodles.

wait, wha? "via our fave park, alamo square to see the orphaned shoe park i read about" - no way. alamo square is one hellava public park and the views are breathtaking and the funky victorians around that hood are great but my favs these days are:

1. golden gate park
2. corona heights
3. buena vista

and what about the two bowls i got? and don't forget about the great older women/artists from kimochi who made the bowls.

sarah said...

ah yes.

the bowls: david bought two hand-made ceramic bowls from two different local artists/organizations, one being an organization that teaches women over 65 how to throw and hand build pottery. the woman we met was also the artist behind the bowl, and was quite a charmer. she told us of their sale later this year we'll likely attend.

the park: i really like alamo square park AND all of the others david mentioned. i mispoke: i'm not one to rate any of the parks. they're all pretty rad :)