Monday, August 14, 2006

stranger things have NOT happened.

nene loves david.

1. she doesn't run away when he approaches her
2. she doesn't bite him when he TRIES to touch her (he touches her!)
3. she doesn't hide from him


she lets him hold her, pet her, and love her. (he loves her so!)

a common (yet mind-boggling) scenario:
nene is sitting on the couch. david sits down, TWO INCHES FROM HER. nene doesn't even squirm. david starts petting her, and she allows it and enjoys it. lots.

and now, all she does is sit on my lap and lets me pet her no bites. no over stim.

who said you can't teach a 12-year old cat new tricks? and this is a good one!


Anonymous said...

well, i am boggled. this is one cool kitty just waiting to get to her one fave home in san fran. who woulda thunk it??
i'm glad she is getting calmer and more loving in her maturity. :)
her grandmother

Anastasia said...

I guess we never told you the story of Nikita. When we moved to SF from up north, her personality totally changed. Before we moved to SF, she never even meowed. Now she's quite the talker. I think SF does something to everyone who lives there, cats included.

sarah said...

ahhh, sweet nikita!

i think you have something, anastasia. sf + kitty kats = good things.

what has seattle done to nikita?