Saturday, August 05, 2006

Denim + Sneakers = Transformation and other stories

a positive shopping experience in the mission resulted in jeans and sneakers for a certain cords and flip-flops (but i recently wore birkenstocks) kinda guy. sweet!

we then shared a congratulatory burrito.

after the required post-burrito resting period, we took off for corona heights, this time in search of the stairs so we could make a more civilzed entrance (yesterday we scampered on all fours up a steep cliff).

for more pics, check out flickr!


jini said...

great greenies!

Amy said...

Sweet legs Mr. Silver...and even sweeter green old school trainers. Rad!

david silver said...

thanks amy!

earlier this morning, i did my new signature walk (which is, essentially, my old signature walk fused with your throw your purse violently on the floor signature walk) while wearing my sweet green old school trainers.

it felt pretty sweet.